A full-fledged Brand Book for American Family Insurance.


Work Type: Professional Assignment


American Family Insurance is a company built on values. It’s a part of their DNA, and working with or for them means learning it in and out. They wanted a handbook to cover the essentials, so that it could be printed and distributed to employees and partners.

Building this book meant doing a thorough audit of all the information on the table—the writing challenge was finding a concise, yet thorough way of covering the most important topics. The book ultimately had to work for someone who had zero prior knowledge of AmFam.

It was also a branding exercise, finding a way to incorporate the few cues that they have (logo and colors) and build a visual identity that fits with their earnest and aspirational personality.

At the end of the day, the book delivered—it was a treasured piece that saw production and distribution. Below is a selection of some of the pages/spreads.