Print Ad design for a viral video contest, run by Baruch College’s Digital Marketing major.

All artwork is original, fully my own creation.

You can see my video entry for the contest here.


Work Type: Volunteer/Undergrad Assignment


During my time at Baruch College, the school introduced a new major to the Marketing department—Digital Marketing. To help spread awareness and incentivize new students to enroll, the department head partnered with a contact at IPG to fund and set up a viral video contest.

I was asked to design a poster/print ad to display around campus and on the website.


Given that the contest was for a video, I opted to use a video camera as the key visual. I illustrated the camera by hand in Photoshop, using the display screen as an additional canvas to display information. I used Baruch’s color scheme as an accent, dropped in some copy, and the poster was done. The artwork was also repurposed for other touchpoints/layouts.

First, a breakdown of the camera. I created it using simple shapes, brushes, and hand-made textures to bring it all together.

I always prefer to create my own assets, whenever possible. Sure, this project could have easily been done with a stock photo of a camera—but there’s something special about hand-crafting and designing your own digital art.

The majority of the camera was built from simple shapes and gradients. Tasteful use of filters was also helpful to create texture—a bit of noise and a circular motion blur, for example, makes brushed metal. Lens flares made up the glass for the camera lens. Layer styles, like color gradients and strokes, add depth and make everything look three-dimensional.

They’re all simple tricks, at the end of the day—but when combined together, you can really create some great objects that pass for a real product photo.