A logo design and brand guidelines for a fictional Wireless company.


Work Type: Spec Work


Designing a logo in 2019 means more than creating a static iconic trademark. Logos have always been thoroughly thought out, but today, a good designer will need to consider many new usage situations that didn’t exist in the past (primarily: touchpoints in the digital space). Motion and animation are another layer you should consider.

Being inspired by the many examples of great branding today, I wanted to try my hand at creating an original Vis-ID.

I put together a few slides to walk through my thinking on the brand name and logo, but in short:

  • “Canex” [kuh-necks] is phonetically similar to the word “Connects”, which is exactly what your mobile device does.

  • The graphic visual has two layers:

    • The repeating arcs evoke the reception indicator bars that appear on most mobile devices.

    • They also form the letter “C”—the first letter of “Canex”.

Different variants of the logo, for use in different contexts.

Taking this a step further, I designed a few sample pages of what a Brand Book could look like, covering the brand values, the conception of the logo, the brand colors and its typeface.