A poster design/print ad to promote a picnic hosted by First Chinese Presbyterian Church.

All art, and copy are original, fully my own creation.


Work Type: Commission, Non-Profit


First Chinese Presbyterian Church holds a few events every year, as ways of bringing the church community together and reaching out to new people. One of the summer events was for an outdoor picnic. I opted to evoke the great outdoors as my theme, using stylized type as the key art for the poster.

One of my favorite things about designing posters is the fact that you can create high-quality art yourself. When you’re working in a static medium, you can create professional-looking assets with nothing more than time and software. Great for down-and-dirty projects where you don’t have time or resources for a shoot.


For this poster, I used grass-shaped typography as the main piece of key art to convey an outdoor/picnic theme.

I grabbed a stock photo of grass and stenciled out some type, being sure to capture a few blades of grass along the way for depth and realism. The ladybug and butterfly were also stock, added in for color contrast, and some paper texture set the background.

The icing on the proverbial cake was a picnic blanket texture, used as a border to wrap the entire poster. It gives some nice visual diversity from the otherwise monochrome color palette, and really hammers in the summer theme.