Music In Movement was a non-profit venture, which I co-founded with a group of people I’d known from college. Our mission was to aid local charitable organizations that were focused on improving the social, academic, and recreational environment for today’s youth.

Called to action by schools cutting arts and music from their curriculum, MIM aimed to support programs that focused on establishing a more balanced education by promoting creative and performing arts. 

All art, copy, and photography is original, fully my own creation.


Click here to view photos from our launch event.


Work Type: Entrepreneurial, Non-Profit


Our premise was simple–raise money to donate to charities and programs that promoted arts and creativity in schools, and do it in a way that helped nurture and grow upcoming artists and musicians.

Our primary means of doing this was through live events. It took some planning to get there, but we were ultimately able to reduce the plan into two simple, actionable items.

  1. Find up-and-coming musicians who were looking for an audience.

  2. Find venues that wanted to draw a crowd.

By connecting these two parties, we were able to give artists a platform to perform and raise awareness, and give venues (restaurants, cafes, etc.) the gift of free, live music performances to help draw in a crowd. MIM would be on-site to collect donations, and all proceeds would go to a pre-determined group of select charities. It was purely a win-win-win situation.

We primarily raised awareness through word-of-mouth and social media, and I designed graphics for our website and key visuals for our website and various touchpoints. When it came time for our first launch event, I did a full-up poster as well.


The theme here was the neck of a guitar, with the strings spelling out our name across the fretboard. I went with a dark, moody environment to evoke the ambiance of a live music club as well.

The headline isn’t actually a typeface—I wrote it out and traced it, knowing that I’d need to integrate it with the guitar strings. Some Beveling and Shadows in Layer Styles created the 3D effect, a wood texture served as my backing, and Lighting Effects brought the ambiance.

The neon sight for “Launch Event” was also a really fun piece to make. Again, Layer Styles were the unsung hero here—Strokes, Patterns, and Drop Shadows created the depth, and Glows created the neon light. My favorite detail is probably the wiring behind the mesh, which was created with just a few simple Curves from the Pen Tool.

Here’s the final poster design in full-size, to see how all the details came together.

Ultimately, the event went off without a hitch—and we even had a decent crowd for a grassroots movement! In addition to co-hosting, I also shot some photos from the day, which you can view here.