Personal posters, designed and created as a fan of a new popsicle store in NYC’s West Village.

All art is original, fully my own creation.


Work Type: Personal Project


Back in 2010, Popbar opened up shop in NYC’s West Village, as a new player in the dessert scene. Their product, as you probably guessed, was popsicles.

But these weren’t like the popsicles you got off the Good Humor truck—these are made with gelato (or sorbet…or yogurt), done with natural ingredients, and made fresh right in front of your face. Plus, they’re customizable with toppings and dips, and tons of unique flavors. So when I was offered a personal tasting visit, I was more than stoked.


Don’t mind the 2012-era cell phone photography.

When it came time to write about my visit on my blog (again, early 2010’s here), I felt compelled to design a graphic to accompany it. Given that Popbar prides themselves on simplicity, I opted to go for a minimalist style, using textures to suggest “crafted” (I like to think I was ahead of the “artisanal” Brooklyn trend) and flat colors for a posterization effect. I ended up with two versions—one for their fruit-inspired line of bars, and one for the chocolate kinds.


I even got a shout-out on their Facebook page!

I still make rounds to Popbar every now and then, who has since expanded quite a bit. Their Hot Chocolate on a Stick makes a great gift, by the way.