A gallery of Marvel fanart.

Shot in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 and edited in Photoshop.


Work Type: Personal Project


Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is full of references and homages to other Marvel properties. It also has about 40 different costumes from Spider-Man’s rich history. Combined, these all create a lot of potential to stage photos themed after a lot of different characters.

  • Daredevil: I used the Scarlet Spider II suit, for the resemblance to Daredevil’s all-red suit. I also have Spidey perched on top of Clinton Mission Church, the orphanage where Matt Murdock was raised.

  • Ghost Rider: The flaming skull speaks for itself, but there’s also a motorcycle in the background—both iconic elements of Ghost Rider.

  • Human Torch: Spidey is in a Fantastic 4 suit, and he’s on fire. Need I say more?

  • Iron Fist: The Iron Fist, Danny Rand, is a martial artist—and while there isn’t a martial arts costume available for Spidey, the wrestler outfit worked as a substitute. It also has exposed hands, giving me the opportunity to add a glowing fist. This is shot in front of Rand Enterprises, too.

  • Iron Man: The Iron Spider Armor, designed by Tony Stark, is too obvious to miss. I added in functional repulsors and staged Spidey as if he were flying, too.

  • Jessica Jones: Spidey is garbed in his Noir outfit, fitting for the noir aesthetic of Jessica Jones. He’s also walking past Alias Investigations, the home and workplace of Jessica Jones’ titular character.

  • Luke Cage: Spidey’s wearing his Spider-Armor Mk. II, known for being bulletproof (like Luke Cage’s skin). This was shot in Harlem, Luke’s neighborhood as well—and the pose draws attention to his muscular arms, resembling one of Luke’s classic poses.

  • Venom: I turned his suit black, to resemble the Symbiote that’s synonymous with Venom. I opted to go with the Webbed Suit from Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man movies as well, since it’s the only live-action version of Symbiote Spidey that we’ve seen so far.

  • War Machine: The Spider-Armor Mk. I is big, bulky, and silver—very reminiscent of Iron Man’s heavy-duty partner, War Machine.

  • Winter Soldier: You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude!

The poster art was loved by fans on Reddit, reaching 5,200 likes and 83 comments within 24 hours, organically.