A quick and easy social post, done as a tribute to Stan Lee—the famed writer and creator at Marvel Comics, who passed away in 2018.

Original photography sourced from Entertainment Weekly—color grading and layout design is original.


Work Type: Personal Project


The characters and worlds that Stan Lee helped create have been a huge part of my life, and after hearing the news of his passing, I wanted to create something to honor him.

This particular quote of his stuck out in my mind as one of the more memorable ones, because it encapsulates the very philosophy behind Marvel’s characters—the fact that even though they’re superheroes, they’re still flawed and human. Seeing relatable struggles in superpowered people is what makes Marvel stories so captivating.

Stan voiced this quote over in a trailer for The Defenders on Netflix, which is one reason why I chose to feature these characters. The other reason is because they all have distinctly defined color palettes, which makes for a very arresting visual.

The tribute was loved by fans on Reddit, reaching 2,400 likes and 46 comments within 24 hours, organically.