A fan redesign of Marvel’s Spider-Man character on the Playstation 4.

Source render is an existing asset from Insomniac Games.


Work Type: Personal Project


Insomniac’s design for the iconic Spider-Man suit took a slight departure from the classic look, opting to add a larger, white spider insignia on the chest (as opposed to the smaller, black one on the original). Fans of Dan Slott’s 2013 comic run might find something familiar about it, though—the underlying design of the suit bears some similarities to The Superior Spider-Man.


The larger spider design, which extends over the torso, is essentially the same—and with a quick palette swap, the design inspiration becomes clear. There’s even a narrative link between the two, which makes you wonder if the similarity is intentional.

The design was loved by fans on Reddit, reaching 5,200 likes and 140 comments within 24 hours, organically.


With all the wind in its sails, perhaps it’s time to start an online campaign to get it added into the game! It did work for the Tobey Maguire suit, after all…

Just a few more mockups I did as proof-of-concept.