An entrepreneurial effort to develop, brand, and publish a new social media app.


Work Type: Entrepreneurial


As young adults living in New York City, a group of friends and I sometimes found ourselves a little uninformed when it came time to find a place to go out at night. Sure, you have Yelp and Google to provide business reviews, but why wasn’t there a way to know how a place was doing in real-time? How do we know how lively or populated a venue is, without taking the time to travel there? (a very real concern when you live in the outer boroughs).

Enter Tourrent.

The idea was simple—a social media app that allows you to post real-time stories, but attached to locations rather than individual people. People already share their lives on Snapchat, so why not add in location as another layer of data? All of that content could be amalgamated to give you a snapshot of what is happening at any given venue. If you see a lot of stories posted to a location, you know it’s probably crowded. And you can get a sense of what the vibe is like, based on what you’re seeing.

In-situ mockups of the Tourrent UI while in-use.

We got as far as developing a prototype of the app, but ultimately, Snapchat ended up rolling out their own maps feature, which accomplished the same thing Tourrent set out to do (and they had a large built-in userbase, already).

Creatively, the idea was sound, and the design/branding exercise was a good one to undertake as well. Onto the next idea!


Below are a few select pages from a pitch deck that I designed and co-wrote.