Sit down, Jameson, and call me Peter Parker. I’ve got photos of Spider-Man.

You’re probably wondering—is virtual photography even really photography? I’d argue yes.

  • You still need to direct your talent into poses and action (that’s the video game part).

  • You still have to set your lighting and understand proper exposure.

  • You need to possess a solid eye for framing, and understand how to position yourself and use different focal lengths for good composition.

  • And there’s of course playing with aperture and depth-of-field for effect and emphasis.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 gives you an incredible set of photography tools to do all of this, along with a pretty faithful recreation of New York City to use them in. My aim here was to capture shots of our web-slinger in action, with dynamic poses hearkening back to the art in the source material. And also to go for photorealism, betraying the expectation that a video game can’t look like art.

The main difference from a real shoot? One—you’ve got all the time in the world to set your shots (never the case in the real world). And two—you’re shooting New York’s favorite superhero! 

You can view the full gallery here.