A personal video, shot and edited to wish a close friend good luck in medical school.


Work Type: Personal Project


I also created an Instagram-optimized version of the video. At the time this was created, Instagram still only supported 1x1 aspect ratios, and videos were capped at 15 seconds.


Post-college years always come with goodbyes. Some people move back home, some take up jobs in other locations, and some continue their education.

One of my longtime friends was pursuing a medical career, and the next step was medical school. As a sendoff, I gathered some friends to shoot a little goodbye/good luck video. We also prepared a group photo as a keepsake/memento, using an iconic NYC shot as the background (it is our home, after all).

Due to conflicting schedules, everyone wasn’t able to be there for the photo shoot, but I did have ways to solve for that…


If it wasn’t obvious, the easel, picture frame, cardboard cutout, and bridge banner were all added in post.