A group photo, used as a personal card, which uses creative ways of inserting people who weren’t actually there.

I also shot and edited a goodbye video. Details behind the rest of the project can be seen here.


Work Type: Personal Project


Schedules suck.

In fact, they’re probably one of the main reasons I quit working in account management. But the reality is, getting a whole bunch of people to be available is sometimes just impossible.

When it came time to do a group photo for a goodbye card, a lot of my good friends simply had conflicting schedules. And we didn’t have time to wait for everyone. So instead, I shot without some people, headed to Facebook, grabbed some photos of the no-shows, and looked for ways to get them into the picture in post.

One’s a cardboard cutout, three became large-scale prints, and one is hanging from a bridge. Quite genius, if I might say so myself.

The full poster image is below in full-size, so you can see how it all came together.