Simple Marvel fan-art, to support the #SaveDaredevil movement.

Original photo and layout/design is original. Text overlay and campaign by


Work Type: Personal Project


Daredevil was a smash hit on Netflix, bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a much grittier, more grounded reality. Unfortunately for fans, it was cancelled after its 3rd season. The show was critically acclaimed, but industry insiders cite differing business interests between Marvel and Netflix as the reason for cancellation.

Disappointed by this news, a large group of fans banded together to build a social movement aimed at saving the show. Being a huge fan myself, I contributed a piece of fanart for the movement. The visual is actually Spider-Man, not Daredevil, but the intent is to show support from every edge of the Marvel fandom with this tribute. Spider-Man and Daredevil also teamed up quite a bit in their respective comic book runs.

This art was also used as part of my “Spider-Man Cosplaying as Other Heroes” series.

The Save Daredevil team also had a meetup in NYC. We were guests on NBC’s Today show, and two cast members from Daredevil (and The Punisher) actually joined us! Geof was an incredible guy, taking a lot of time to sit and chat with us about the show and industry.

The #SaveDaredevil initiative even got a billboard in Times Square! Huge props to the team who got this movement started and off the ground. At 260,000 signatures and counting, along with support from the cast themselves, we’ve at least gotten our voices heard.